Our Drs and hygienists are able to diagnose periodontal disease.  We do this by evaluation of patient radiographs as well as with the patient exam.  Our hygienists will measure the “pockets” around the teeth to check for areas of disease and bone loss.

If there are signs of periodontal disease, we will recommend a deep cleaning.  A deep cleaning, or scaling and root planning, is necessary when there are deposits of calcified plaque below the gumline.  These deposits will cause inflammation, bleeding, and bone loss if not removed.  Deep cleanings are generally done in two visits.  For comfort, the patient will be numb so that all of the calculus can be removed.

Once the teeth are cleaned and no deposits of calculus remain, the patient should remain on a 4 or 6 month recall cycle for routine cleanings.  We will review proper home care and stress the importance of regular flossing.  The gums should heal, there should no longer be bleeding, and bone loss will stop.